Our products

Our products

Valuable products from local grass and vegetable residues

             Grassa processes 100% local grass and vegetable residues up to several valuable products. 

GRS Roughage

GRS Roughage contains the raw fiber from grass and vegetable residues and is distinguished by its high percentage of protein (15%), fatty acids and vitamins.

GRS Protein

Grassa separates and concentrates high-quality protein from grass and vegetable juice. Due to its balanced amino acids profile it is a good and sustainable alternative to South American soy in feed for pigs and poultry.


Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) can be used as an ingredient in pet food to improve animal health and vitality and reduce the need for antibiotics. FOS has a prebiotic effect and a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora.

GRS Minerals

Through a process of reverse osmosis, Grassa extracts minerals and amino acids from grass and vegetable juice. Grassa's mineral concentrate is rich in free amino acids, potassium and nitrogen.